Thursday, June 2, 2011


Item needed:
1. Item to decoupage (wooden material, cooking pot, biscuit container, etc.. up to you)
2. White gesso buy from at RM18
3. Sealer buy from at RM19
4. Brush (Flat shape brush)
5. Colour .. any colour.. u also have an option by using poster color as a practical, but it is better to use acrylic lcolour like jo sonja, americana and maries buy from
6. Tissue for decoupage.. you can find it at home deco shop like romantika
7. Sponge.. using a normal sponge that you use to clean your cooking utensil
8. Scissor

1. Mix up the white gesso, sealer and colour. Use a small amount of color compare to white gesso and sealer.  Base coat the item to be decorated with a light color of acrylic paint and let it dry.
2. Cut out the desired design and remove the bottom layers (normally they got 2 more unwanted layers)
3. Dot a couple of drops of glue on to the item to be decorated and place the napkin on the item and using a soft paint flat brush, paint sealer over the napkin. Start from the center and work your way out to the outer edges. Try to work smooth and avoid ripping the napkin.
4. Let the napkin dry and repeat if necessary on the other side of the item. More pieces may be required, depending on what you are decorating.
5. Once all the napkin pieces are dry, use varnish to protect your item.

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