Saturday, April 30, 2011


It is not the water, it is the chemical released from the BOTTLE itself!

What we should know?

Take ur bottle, check the bottom of the bottle ..there should be a triagle sign and a number on it.
Do you know what these numbers mean?

You may recall that the scary over BPA baby feeding bottle that labelled as number "7", please recheck your baby feeding bottle before it is too late! Studies showed that this BPA mimics the function of hormone (Estrogen- a female hormone) and will disturb your hormone levels! The effect is - it will DISTURB YOUR BABY HORMONE LEVEL- unstable hormone level will effect health problems!

Please read this and understand it!

Plastic labelled # 1 : Polyethyline , PETE / PET
Most of the plastic bottle like your soda and mineral water are made from this type of plastic! It is clear and generally safe! BUT... do not reuse this bottle to keep your ORANGES, SYRUPS ,etc... Nowadays parents love to reuse this type of bottle and let their child to consume it during a SCHOOL TIME! What is the weakness of this type of bottle? It has a very small hole that we don't even see it that will cause the accumulation of BACTERIA and FLAVOR.

Plastic labelled # 2 High Density polyethyline , HDPE
This plastic considered safe and has a low risk of leaching. Example : detergent bottles, juice bottles,etc

Plastic labelled # 3Polyvinyl chloride, PVC
It is a tough plastic BUT it is not safe to cook food near it. There are PHTHALATES in this material that interfere with hormonal development.. Minimise use of this #3 plastic around food and never cook using food wrap especially in microwave oven! Example : cooking oil container, food wrap

Plastic labelled # 4 Low density polyethylene , LDPE
Considered safe but it is not often accepted by curbside recycling programs. Example : grocery bag, bread bag

Plastic lebelled # 5 Polypropylene
Considered safe , luckily increasingly accepted by curbside recycling programs. Example : Yogurt container, medicine bottle, ketchup and sauce container

Plastic labelled # 6 Polystyrene / Styrofoam.
Evidence of plastic leaches potential TOXIC chemicals, especially when heated. Don't use this type of platic because it is difficult to recycle and most of recyle programme do not accept it.Example : disposable plates

Plastic labelled # 7 Your BPA container! Example : baby bottle and food storage container that resist staining. Please think about your baby!! It will disturb your baby hormone level!

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