Sunday, January 2, 2011

Majlis Ramah Mesra Warga Greenwood, SBCR, Sungai Buloh .. using Sony Ericsson cybershot C501 .. VGA snap only.. not the 3MP snap...

The BEST PICTURE of the Day.. eating sup power .. hehe.. Wardah and Shah, sup power was created by Encik Halim.
My little Sarah with her father.. lucky draw no. 107...
Parts of the warga Greenwood..
Music chair games.... waiting for the music huh?
Parts of AJK for this "majlis ramah mesra"... wearing red colour shirt
Run.. run.. hurry up.. almost done..
Full support from her father.. Waiting for the games..mana pulak juruacara nie? eheh..
Parts of Warga Greenwood, Saujana Utama..
Syarah .. Full attention maaa...
Pot luck from Warga Greenwood....
Muiz ......... chai yok.. chai yok... (berusaha..berusaha..)
My lovely neighbour Shah, K Mawar and Wardah.. trying so hard to support their child
Wonderful moment .. daughter of Wardah and Shah.. trying so hard to fill in the bottle..
Cute this little lady.. sape la mak bapak dia yer.. hehe.. I will check it later...
Games for little ones... with a good support from their family

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