Saturday, December 11, 2010

Garden chair for your child

We also provide costum made garden chair for children. This is an example of one of cuctom made garden chair.
Pricelist : RM80 / piece only
Made up from mortar (mixture of portland cement and sand . Concrete means mixture of cement,gravel and sand.
High of sitting chair: 1.1 feet
  • Overall high : 1.7 feet
  • Thickness : 2 - 3 cm
  • Carving technique included
  • Undercoat with black/white paints
  • Paints with external paints Korevor( 6 years warranty) from KCC paints products with 1L color cost around RM20-RM30 and also Dulux Weathershield 5L = RM105
  • Varnish with good product (cannot remember the company name ) cost RM28/ 1 Litre
All this for your own satisfaction. Please e-mail me at or sms me at 0193349040 for any enquiry. Transportation charge please refer to the right site of this blog.

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