Thursday, November 25, 2010

Starting cost for FOLK ART Class....

All cost listed below applied just in Malaysia Teaching course 2 1/2 to 3 hours : RM50 (1 class only) For beginners you must attend around 5-6 classes For other courses -depend on you, payment still 50/1 class Items: Prepared by you/ you can buy from your folk art teacher Starter kit : around rm 180 - rm 250 depend on the listed item by your teacher You can also buy all this items from craft shop like Craft heaven, One Utama, Second floor and also in Mid Valley Megamall, or try to go online (never try it b4) Estimate Prices/basic item needed(you can use this for all classes - also depend on your teacher) 1. Brushes - various type : filbert, angular, stippler, basecoat and varnish brushes, liner, round and and shader (cost depend on size and material) 1 brush = RM10 - RM26 Total = RM150 +- 2. Jo sonja color kit = 10 colours cost around RM65 - RM80 you must add in another colour depend on course..and also you can use another type of color kit 3. Plate for drawing : metal or wood starting just use the cheapest one around RM10 +- 4. Transfer paper : RM5 +-per pieces 5. Magic tape : RM 9 +- , you can buy this thing from ace hardware/ any shops... 6. Stylus : RM RM 7 +- 7. Pellet knife (plastic) : Around rm12...(various type in one packet) 8. Brush soap and conditioner in one bottle 250mls: rm30+- (must use this because your brush is expensive!) 9. Varnish : RM 35+- 10. Sealer and glaze ( can buy later on) 11. Soft eraser 12. Wax paper (nasi lemak wrapping paper) for mixing colours. Colour pellet is expensive! and another small things (not so important) Continue.......later on

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